Palm Reading Insights – Palm Reading and Fortune Teller

Reveal the life story written on your palm! TruePalm scans your palm to find and analyse your Heart Line, Life Line, Head Line, Fate Line and all the palm mounts. Get a free and personalised reading of your palm based on the ancient palm reading rules.

What sets this app apart from the rest is that it shows you the detected palm lines BEFORE providing you with the reading. It means that provided reading is based on your palm lines. Then True Palm applies the rules of the book ‘The Laws of Scientific Palm Reading’ by finding:
– Heart Line
– Life Line
– Head Line
– Fate Line
– Mounts of: Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo (Sun), Mercury, Venus, Luna (Moon) and Mars

and then the app measures:
– each line length, curve, interactions with other lines, interaction with mounts
– how each mount interaction with the lines, the mounts’ size and placement on your palm
– palm’s width, length
– each finger’s phalanx’ length and width

From this analysis, we build the complete reading of your palm and provide you with a free palm reading as if you’ve consulted with real palm reader.

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