Prankster — The Prank Call App

Best prank dial app out there!

Best prank calling app that actually works and never steals your coins! It’s free to try (2 free calls) with lots of free features like listening to call records and hiding your number. Your coins always stay with you no matter what device or phone you are using. Upon first launch, just connect through Facebook, and your coins will be refreshed from our website.

I give this app a five stars cause not just the good quality but how funny the reactions you can get the off of friends and family but another reason is that you can even get free tokens sure it takes 3 days to get enough to make one prank call but what can go wrong with free tokens.


Worth the couple bucks for the coins.
I played the stollen neighbor newspaper one on my boyfriend who lives in South Philly and he got all irate and hung up before the apps conversation was over. was worth it!! I wish I was there to see him standing in his doorway waiting to settle differences. I still haven’t told him yet! He was to angry! Lol (oops)


This seems to be the only prank call app that works it’s the best! My friend was reticent but flabbergasted! Priceless boredom buster!

Sean Sidoti

This app is amazing, it records your calls and everything. I would recommend it to all of you people😊 thank you prank call dialer😊😚


App is very easy to use:
1. Select a prank call scenario.
2. Use dial pad to enter the phone number (or choose from your addressbook)
3. Send your call, wait for call to be completed and be recorded. Listen to hilarious reaction.

All your calls are saved in “My calls” section of the app where you can listen, and save or share prank call recordings to other apps: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Vine.

Prank your friends with many different prank call scenarios: “why you called my girlfriend”, “you hit my car”, a call from sexual health clinic, a call from a committee for driving stupidly, a call from taxman for overdue parking ticket, a call from a pregnant girlfriend and many more. `

We update the prank call scenarios regularly. And we can accommodate your requests: write us to @prankcalldial or like us on Facebook “Prank Call Dialer” and send a message with your request which prank call (prankdial) scenario you’d like us to create.

We also have a number of creative audio sequences based on soundboards from: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Darth Vader, Borat, WWE wrestlers, Dr Phil, Herbert from Family Guy, Austin Powers, and many other celebrities and characters.

Support available at:
[email protected]

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Make 2 free prank calls to test the service.
Best prankdial app ever!

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