Best looking spot the difference game!

Play graphically rich quest that will challenge you to spot differences and improve your brain. You will improve attention and concentration skills when playing our free game that features hundreds of levels. Go on adventures with two curious cats. Help them spot five differences between two almost hand drawn pictures. By playing levels you will collect rewards – fish. Use fish to unlock new levels and progress till the end of the story. The game will challenge your ability of paying attention to details.

• Highly detailed graphics on high resolution displays
• Hidden objects are scattered on the screen in the places you expect the least
• Adventure themes: Dracula and Transylvania, Halloween, Christmas and New Years, Ancient Pyramids, Bigfoot, Solar System
• Special items to help you solve cases

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The game is specifically optimized for tablets and it looks especially gorgeous on high or very high resolution devices.

• Full Retina HD Support!
• iPhone Retina, iPhone 5 & iPad Retina
• Supports all iOS devices: iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
• Support all Android devices: smartphones and tablets

Screenshot gallery

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